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Am I going to stay here in your hospital where I’m being kept now until he comes to get me?”

At the shake of the man’s head, he took a deep breath. “You are drawing the attention of a lot of males who wish to get a look at you. Human women are very attractive to our males and much desired. I have assigned you security guards but even they are a danger to you and I don’t trust them to not attempt to touch you to appease their curiosity about your human body. One of my sons is going to take you into his home for the next week. You will be safe there under his protection until your future bound arrives.”

Brenda nodded. “I understand.”

“My son has his own human he bound to so have no worry that he will try to touch you.” The man turned his head, nodding at one of the men assigned to guard Brenda.

“Escort her safely to Argis Rever’s home. He has been informed of the situation and is preparing a guestroom for the human until Volder arrives.” The guard gave a sharp nod. “Yes, Hyvin Berrr.”

The tall Zorn leader gave Brenda a sad smile. “Be well, human. Your Volder will come for you very soon and he will assure your happiness.” Brenda watched the man leave the medical room she’d been living in for the past twenty-four hours since they’d arrived on the red planet. Her attention was directed to the guard named Kelir. He was nice enough but his eyes had a way of straying to her breasts when he spoke to her and his physical reaction to her was obvious if she were to glance down at the front of his black leather pants, a virtual walking hard-on around her.

“Pack your things,” he softly growled at her. “We’ll leave as soon as you are ready.” He paused, his gaze running down her body again before he turned his back to her.

One of the Zorn women, a Zorn healer, had given Brenda some clothing, some personal items, and had given her a medical examination when she’d arrived on Zorn the morning before. She packed up those few belongings and walked toward the tall guard who turned his head, his interested gaze once again going down her body before he opened the door. He was physically attracted to her and didn’t bother hiding it, but she was wishing that he’d try since he was making her uncomfortable. She followed him down a hallway, into an elevator and then they were walking outside.

The attention she got was frightening to Brenda when she saw a lot of big, black uniform-clad men stop to stare at her. She was starting to feel as if she were the main attraction of a show as she silently followed Kelir to a waiting vehicle that another guard was driving. The new man never once looked at Brenda’s face, instead his focus had totally gone to her body and a soft growl was the only sound he made when she’d climbed into the back of Zorn’s version of a car.

Brenda took in the differences between Zorn and Earth as she stared out the window, noting the Zorn sky was similar to a sunset on Earth with its pinkish shade of light red during the day but no blue was present. The trees were black, red and purple in color. The grass just stunned her by being a dark red. Albeit strange, Zorn was beautiful and she couldn’t ignore the appeal of the thickly wooded area.

“Why are we taking her to Argis Rever?” The driver finally spoke. “I was told that he already has a human of his own so why does he need two?” Kelir sighed. “He is going to take her under his protection until her future bound arrives. She’s being given to the brother of her fallen bound.” The man in front gave a sharp nod. “When will they become available to the rest of us?” He didn’t sound happy. “Only the powerful have access to them and it is not right.”

Kelir snorted. “Maybe in a few years we will get access to them but they are still rare.”

Brenda nervously glanced between the two men. “What are you talking about?” The guard sitting next to her turned his head, looking at her. “Earth women are very few on Zorn. Only Hyvin Berrr’s family and some of the powerful families like your Valho have been allowed access to human women.”

“Valho had a powerful family?” That surprised her. “He didn’t say anything about that.”

A snort came from the front. “He was a relation by pack to Hyvin Berrr and anyone in his family is powerful. Valho’s father and Hyvin Berrr grew up together as best friends.”

“So Valho and Hyvin Berrr aren’t blood related?” She felt a little confused. “You just said they were a relation to each other.”

“A relation by pack means associated with for a long time. Family is a blood bond that is shared,” Kelir explained, his concentration fixing on her breasts in her loose shirt again, licking his lips. “Did you enjoy your bound’s touch when he mounted you?”

The question shocked Brenda. She frowned, her eyes narrowing. “That was a rude question I refuse to answer and it’s none of your business.” A muscle jerked in Kelir’s jaw when he looked away to stare out the window to ignore her. That was fine with Brenda. She was irritated that he’d asked her such a personal question about her sex life. She swallowed, turning her full attention out the window again to look at the strange looking alien homes that resembled large, rounded buildings made out of some kind of stone.

Nerves hit Brenda when she saw the large, intimidating house they parked in front of where she was to stay in until Valho’s brother came to pick her up in a week. She wondered if the male in this house would stare at her breasts too and make inappropriate remarks like the guards did. She hoped not, thinking it was bad enough being a stranger on an alien planet without having to feel as if she were a freak.

The front door opened and an older Zorn woman with flowing white hair down her back dressed in a long tunic-type shirt walked out. The smile on the woman’s face was warmly welcoming. Brenda relaxed instantly as she exited the vehicle.

“Hello, human. Welcome to Argis Rever’s home. He took his bound to the market to shop but he will return shortly.” The woman held her hand open palm face up. “It is a pleasure to meet you, woman from Earth. I am Ali.” Brenda didn’t correct the woman’s odd handshake, just putting her hand in the woman’s grip that Ali squeezed gently, keeping a smile in place.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ali. I’m Brenda.”

Ali gave a look to the men, releasing Brenda’s hand. “Just hand me her belongings.” Brenda turned to watch Kelir get her bag, unable to miss that both men were staring at her body again, irritating her enough to make her clench her teeth. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to being openly leered at by Zorn men who didn’t even attempt to hide it or bother to apologize for it. To Brenda’s surprise Ali snarled viciously at both men, imitating an animal, and yanked the bag away from the taller guard.

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