Berrr's Vow Page 1

Chapter One

Shanna glared at the frightening large aliens who surrounded her. Her wrists hurt but she ignored the pain caused by her attempt to twist free of the manacles securing her. As one of the alien men lunged forward again, trying to grab her, she screamed in rage and swung out her right leg to kick. She nailed the son of a bitch in the thigh. He growled, backing up, and his large hand rubbed the spot she hit.

“Enough,” one of them snarled. “Stop fighting.”

“Go to hell,” she panted.

The black-haired one she’d kicked growled again, turning to face the blond alien that Shanna held totally responsible for her predicament. “You call this tame? You said human females were docile but she fights.”

Gohl snarled at Shanna. His teeth were yellowed, sharp, and his black eyes looked furious as he glared at her. “You are making a sale difficult.”

“You don’t have any idea who the hell you’re screwing with,” she yelled at him.

She was terrified, she hurt and she was tired but she wasn’t going to stop fighting until they either killed her or she managed to break free. “I’m a person, dickhead. Not property for you to sell to some asshole to be a sex toy.” Gohl was a six-foot-two alien with long blond, ratty hair and pointed ears. Five days ago Shanna had been driving home from work at 2:20 in the morning when something had caused her front passenger tire to blow out. She’d gotten out of her car after pulling to the side of the road to check out the damage, her cell phone in hand to call for a tow truck, but in the next instant he’d been there. The alien asshole had grabbed her, snatched her right off the pavement, and had put something over her mouth. She’d smelled a horrible stench as she kicked and clawed until everything had gone black in long seconds.

The next time she’d woken, she’d found herself locked in a cage with five other human women with the same story. They’d been driving along a lonely stretch of road, they’d blown a tire, and then they’d been snatched by aliens, knocked out with the funky-smelling drug, only to awaken in hell.

Shanna had been taken by three alien assholes who were selling her and the other women as sex slaves on some distant planet. She’d watched the other five women completely fall apart when Gohl had introduced himself to them, explained why they were taken and what lay in store for them. Shanna hadn’t cried. She’d been terrified, sure, but mostly she was killing mad.

Hours ago they’d landed on some red planet to be auctioned off. Shanna had watched in horror as the other five women had been sold to big, long-haired men who resembled the all-brawn-and-no-brain types. Those women had whimpered and cried while they’d been examined and sold one at a time.

Not Shanna. She was pretty sure that’s why Gohl and his men had waited to sell her last, knowing she was a fighter. She’d almost managed to escape twice so far when her captors had brought food to their cage on the ship that had brought them to the alien planet. Shanna had broken one man’s nose and she’d probably busted a nut on another one. Her only regret was that she hadn’t had a chance to hit Gohl yet. He was in charge and he was the one who had brazenly announced that he had decided to take her from Earth. She was going to hurt the freak if she got the chance.

The devil himself snarled at her again. “You will be meek,” he ordered. “Or I will take far less price to just be rid of you.”

“Like I give a damn if you make a profit off slavery. I hope I cost you money, you prick.”

His black eyes burned with rage. “Fine.” He turned his head to glance at the six men in the room. “I will take forty obbus each to mount the alien female.” The alien she’d kicked growled, looking pissed. “She would not survive. I did not say I wouldn’t buy her. I just objected to your false statement that she was docile.” Shanna stopped struggling, her heart pounding. She was blonde but she’d never been stupid. She could figure out what mounting was. Terror hit her hard, realizing that the son of a bitch was offering to whore her out for forty whatever the hell an obbus was to all six guys. Her gaze flashed to the huge-ass men in the room, seeing lust in their leery looks. They were big bastards, muscular, well over two hundred and probably fifty pounds of nearly six and a half feet of linebacker-sized aliens.

“Then agree to a deal,” Gohl demanded. “Give me the five hundred obbus for her or I will short sell her to the room. I want to be rid of her and I do not care if she survives.

She tests me.”

The alien she had kicked tilted his head, his dark gaze staring at her for long seconds. His focus lowered, roaming down her mostly bared body. Gohl and his two asshole shipmates had torn her clothing off her ― leaving her in a push-up bra and her low hip-hugging briefs with little to nothing left to the imagination. His attention returned to her face.

“Show me you are worth the cost. Drop to your knees and tongue me.” Was he kidding? Her blue eyes narrowed. “Sure. Come here, stud.” He frowned but moved closer, reaching for the front of his pants. As soon as he was within range her hands wrapped around the chains that were locking her to the floor she stood on. She braced, knowing the tethers would keep her from being thrown backward since she only had about a foot to move with. Her body tensed before she kicked him for all she was worth. His eyes widened instantly but his reflexes weren’t faster than her leg. Her bare heel connected with his crotch.

He roared as if he were a lion, the sound that loud and animalistic. He threw himself back and grabbed the front of his pants to collapse on his knees, bending over to curl into a protective ball. She wasn’t going to let them do this to her. She’d make those assholes kill her before she submitted to blowing one of them. If he could roar, she could too. Panting, Shanna screamed out in terror and rage, not holding it back.

The back doors suddenly were flung open to admit more huge alien men. Shanna cringed as all hope of escape died when she saw that at least twenty more aliens had come to bid on her. The new arrivals all wore the same uniforms, all black leather-looking, ass-kicking biker-type of gear. She knew that one of these males was going to buy her, drag her home and hurt her.

Gohl yelled at them. “You were not invited here.” The men in black uniforms were looking about as unfriendly as could be with their narrowed eyelids and sharp teeth showing in a silent snarl. Movement in the group drew Shanna’s attention as she saw men parting for a taller, black-haired head coming forward and then he was stepping between two of the men at the front.